Best Golf Equipment

Golf is a game that requires equipment. Without it, we can’t play. On this page, you’ll find our team’s top picks for the best golf equipment.

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Review Of The Best Golf Equipment

At Swingcrafters, we review ALL the products we recommend. We are golfers dedicated to our craft and improving our game, just like you. We rely on both quantitative and qualitative feedback from our testers.

Must-Have Golf Gear

This is the best equipment WE recommend…EVERY time.

Best Beginner Golf Clubs

Are you a beginner looking for the best equipment to get started? This is what we recommend. Welcome to this fantastic game!

Best Senior Golf Clubs

Unlock your full golfing potential as a senior with OUR favorite picks for senior-friendly golf clubs and equipment.

Best Women’s Golf Clubs

Find the perfect golf clubs tailored for women, enabling you to enhance your game effortlessly and enjoy every moment on the course.

Best Drivers

Drivers are always changing, distance is at an all time high. These are the drivers we recommend for game improvment.

Best Irons

Forgiveness, or do you prefer a sleek look? Our recommendations for low, mid, and high handicappers are provided below.

Best Wedges

Bounce, or no-bounce, that is the question. Our review of the best wedges in golf will give you our pick.

Best Fairway Woods

Discover the perfect golf club for hitting long and accurate shots with the best fairway woods, recommended by our staff.

Best Hybrids

Find the best hybrid golf club to help you nail those tricky shots and quickly recover.

Best Putters

Sink putts like a pro, no seriously. The quickest way to lower scores is to putt better. Find your putter today!

Best Golf Training Aids

Game improvement can and will be achieved. Check out our favorite training aids to lower your scores.

Best Golf Mats

Check out our favorite golf mats for hitting indoors or outdoors. I practice in the winter, do you?

Best Golf Nets

Please don’t shatter your windows. Use one of the best golf nets that we hand-pick and have used before.

Best Golf Push Carts

We love a good push-cart. When I started playing, you carried your bag. The trend in golf is mostly push-carts. Here are our favorites…

Best Indoor Putting Greens

Work in an office, no problem. Work on your putting stroke from the confines of your office desk. Grab yours today!

Best Golf Gloves

Sweaty hands? No Problem. Our favorite golf gloves will keep your hands dry in the humidity.